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Housekeeping and maintenance management

frequency of housekeeping and maintenances can be assigned to rooms and units; and the responsible staff also name to carry out the work. There is a check list for items and places to be cleaned and maintained. Check list can be completed online using tablet or a print out. If any item not working properly and affect the staying of guess, the system should alert the responsible person and marked the room as a needed-to-fix room.

Apartment unit/room management

Unit status can be assigned as booked, occupied, vacant (available) or under repaired. Therefore, front desk staff can effectively assign new booking for their guest. Managers can classify the room based on features, size and locations of the unit. In addition, the system enables the company to manage their services based on unit features - unit profile and unit class. Housekeeping, maintenances and services can be managed from the room feature perspectives.


invoice can be issued based on the contract terms, and captured all services charges specified in the contract. Other expenses can be added to the invoices if required.

Contract management

Just make one click the contract contain clients’ detail are ready to be printed. The contract is generated in both languages, Khmer and English. In addition, the contract is editable. There is a term sheet embedded in the system that comprise important agreed conditions between property owners and the guests. All terms and conditions will be populated in the contract and invoices.

Guest management

comprising client information, history of staying in the property, deposit and services he/she currently subscribed.

Inventory Management

all items (furniture’s, kitchen utensils and other equipment) equipped in all rooms and buildings are record and based on specific locations. Repaired and replacement of any items are recorded and traceable.

Facility/ Service management

– Different services can be added and managed through the system such as parking, gym facility and swimming pool. Property owners can also manage as regular as apartment units.

Staff Schedule Management

staff especially housekeepers and room inspector can be assigned to specific work, location and at specific timing. Full staff schedule can be view from staff dashboard. Staff absence can also be recorded and enable manager to have someone replace while one staff on leave.

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